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Take my Burnout risk test.

If you are not feeling good, if you are overwhelmed, if you have troublesome symptoms, you are probably wondering if you are at risk of a burnout.


You can find out by taking my test.


The results will show you where you are on the 'stress and burnout' continuum, and will provide some first line suggestions for what to do.​


Am I at risk of Burnout?

About the test

Remember that there is no official way to really measure Burnout. It is not a blood test that will reveal a clear yes or no.


Remember also that each person is different. Each of you has a unique life history, set of resources and current life conditions and support. 

But with specific questions, we can evaluate your condition and symptoms and tell you where you might be on a scale.

Along with an indication of where you stand on the Burnout test, my test also provides some recommendations based on your score.

The test takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

To preserve confidentiality, we do not ask for, store and keep any personal data. If you want to keep a copy of your results, please use the PDF download tool that is available on the results page.

Also, these results are indicative only and should not be considered to be a proper substitute for professional medical advice, especially if your condition is severe.

Burnout Coach Eric Mahleb

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Test: what is my risk of Burnout?

Take the test to find out what your risk of Burnout is

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