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What is stress?

hi everyone welcome back to burnout help stress and burnout first aid.

Today I want to speak about stress a little bit.

What is stress?

We tend to think of stress as something very negative and it obviously can be but stress does not

always have to be negative. As a matter of fact from an evolutionary standpoint stress is something that is meant to help us survive. It preserves our safety and it also triggers an immune

reaction which can be very positive.

But here we have to differentiate between short periods of stress acute stress and then something that is more long term chronic stress.

So chronic stress is not good and that is when you are unable to return to your Baseline let's

just say.

But back to the question what is stress?

Stress is a reaction of your nervous system to perceived threats and challenges in your

environment and stress is your ability to deal with those threats and challenges in this particular


So again from an evolutionary standpoint stress is not a bad thing. Stress helps us. Stress is there for

reason so we must not look at stress as something that is always negative.

Unfortunately in today's society where we are constantly on we are constantly pushing ourselves we are experiencing stress in a way which we obviously did not experience 30,000 years ago. So many of

us are now prone to chronic stress and that's when things get out of control. That's when your nervous system is unable to find homeostasis and is unable to find back its balance, its equilibrium if you will. And that is bad and this is what eventually will lead to burnout and very very serious symptoms.

So again please remember: there's a very big difference between acute stress and chronic stress these two things are very different.

All right, talk to you soon have a great day.

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