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This simple tool - a safe space - brings calm and safety and relieves stress quickly

Updated: Apr 18

This is a transcript from the video above.

This tool brings calm and safety and relieves stress.

When stressed or triggered or in moments of anxiety, this method can help you regain some stability, calm, and a sense of safety.

hi everyone welcome back to burnout help, stress and burnout first aid.

Today I want to share with you a very simple and easy method to calm down, to ground yourself and to find stability if you are in the middle of a very stressful situation or if you're feeling stressed in general or if you're being triggered.

This method is called a safe place. It is used in a lot of therapy work, with people who've experienced trauma. As they work through these painful memories or experiences it is very useful for them to always have a safe place that they can go back to quickly so that they can calm down and feel safe again.

So you can create such a place and build it from scratch or you can use a place that you know. I'll give you an example.

In my case it's a place that I know from 20 years ago. I was hiking in beautiful mountains and as we were hiking for several hours in order to reach a specific place up there in the mountains by a lake, we had to go through this amazing Pine Forest. So we hiked and we hiked and we got tired and we said we're going to stop and we found a wonderful spot to stop. There was a stream and we sat there and it was so amazing that we actually ended up finding a way to lay down and just relax there for a good hour.

Why was it so amazing? Well there was the sound of the stream, there was the pine trees, the smell of the pine trees, there was the sun coming through the trees, the sound of the birds, some wild animals rustling in the leaves and in the woods. It was just really truly amazing and I will never forget this place. So when I feel stressed I use different methods and I've spoken about a couple of already and I will give you many more methods, but I use this method from time to time to find safety again, to find calm. So I just go back to this place in my mind and I re-experience everything about this place. it's not just a static picture. It's actually feeling through all my senses what it was like to be there. The smells, the taste, what I could hear, what I could see, what I could touch.

So if you don't have such a place and you need to create one, it's totally fine. As you create it, create it with all of your senses so that when you go back to it, you really need to experience it with all senses. This is how you will tell your nervous system to calm down. Just a static photo of this place or your brain telling you is not enough. You really have to show your brain, to convince your brain with all of your senses that it's a safe place.

So if you don't have one create one now, and next time you're stressed try to switch to that safe place. Sit down, close your eyes, you don't have to stay there for a long time, you can if you want to, but you can just do it for couple of minutes and you will see, it will calm you down.

I hope this was useful see you soon.

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