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This simple tool - tapping - releases stress and negative emotions fast

Updated: Apr 18

This is a transcript from the video above.

Tapping releases stress and negative emotions fast.

Welcome back to burnout help stress and burnout first aid.

Today I want to show you another method to help you calm down. This method is called tapping or knocking. I'm a big fan of something called emotional Freedom technique and I will talk more about this in another video. Emotional Freedom technique uses tapping on specific points in order to relieve trauma or high levels of stress. Today we're going to talk about tapping in a simpler way, without focusing on specific points in the body. This technique actually is used quite a bit in Qi Qong. What you do is you tap on your body or you knock on various parts of your body. What it does is activates energy but it also makes energy flow, energy that may have been stuck.

I have found that for myself when I do tapping I don't know how it works - I cannot tell you more than this - but it really works just the same way that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) works. Tapping on the body does something and if you combine it with positive thoughts it really works to calm yourself down. So I'll show you very quickly what that means and here I'm taking this straight from Qi Qong. Very often in Qi Qong you start with a certain position - and this is not a class about Qi Qong - but you start by, as I said, making your energy flow. The same thing can be applied to relieving stress. It definitely works. I'll show you.

You can put your hands in a fist. You can also tap with your fingers. When we do EFT, we tap with two

fingers but here you can tap with a lot of fingers or you can tap with your fist. So if you're feeling stressed, start doing this on various parts of the body, on different organs. This is one way to do

it. You can go on your legs, down, inside, outside...You're are tapping on different meridians and it's making energy flow in your body. If you're stressed, your energy tends to get stuck, so just

keep tapping. Tap on your shoulders, tap on your arms, inside of your arms, tap outside of your arms. And as you tap, try not to think about all your stressful thoughts, everything that brought you into this state of stress today. Tap and try to let your mind go, focus on the tapping, on what it feels like, focus on something else, something nice, and tap for a few minutes.

Already I can feel something changing in my body as I do this. So I'll stop right now. I'll take a second. I can feel something very strong happening in my body my energy is different.

So try it!

I hope this was useful. If you have any questions let me know see you soon.

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