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picuture of Coach Eric Mahleb giving a Training for Organisations

Working together

Mental health trainings are key to a resilient, healthy, diverse and performant corporate culture.

I have extensive experience giving online and in-person trainings, as well creating my own trainings.

My training solutions are made for teams (including leadership teams) and groups of employees.


Their aim is to improve resilience, stress management, decision-making, team-work and performance. 

Find out how my mental health trainings can help your leaders, teams and employees and your organisation's culture.

On-site and virtual trainings, keynotes and webinars

For teams and employees, I offer mainly two trainings, in different lengths and formats, online or in-person:

1. Build a positive stress mindset: turn your stress into a driver of energy, resilience and performance

2. Emotional intelligence as key skill for the 21st century: better leadership, teamwork and stress reduction

These two trainings provide the following benefits to your organisation and culture:


  • Improve performance 🚀

  • Increase wellbeing & mental health 🌱

  • Better manage change and uncertainty ༄

  • Prevent burnout 🔥

  • Lower absenteeism and turnover  💔

My trainings are based on neuro and behaviour science and on new and modern approaches to stress management and nervous system regulation. I use scientific studies and research to help solidify understanding and learning.

picuture of Coach Eric Mahleb giving a Training for Organisations

Training 1: build a positive stress mindset

Turn your stress into a driver of energy, resilience and performance.

A science and practice-based training to learn how to use stress positively and increase both performance and 


This training is available in a short format of sixty to ninety minutes or in a longer format of six hours. Online or in-person.

The training consists of six modules. Each module covers an essential theme to build stress positive resilience. 

All six modules rely on the ‘Positive Stress Mindset Method’. This method helps you to identify, intercept and re-direct your stress-negative stress patterns. It also shows you how to build a positive stress mindset by defining and stretching your zone of stress tolerance.

The training is based on neuro and behaviour science, as well as on the latest research and studies on nervous system regulation. Each module is highly interactive and experiential for enhanced learning. It leads to self-generated insights and to what is referred to as ‘self-directed neuroplasticity’.

Key concepts behind this training:

  • Stress can be good for us

  • Stress is individual and the solution must be specific to the person

  • Our beliefs and mindset drive how we respond to stress

  • Neuroplasticity means that we can update and change how our nervous system reacts to stress

  • Learning how to decrease stress (fear and avoidance) is only one side of resilience. Learning how to face it and to grow into it is the other

Picture from Coach Eric Mahlebs Agency

Think you might have a Burnout?

Training 2: emotional intelligence as key skill for the 21st century

A science and practice-based training to learn how to build and use emotional intelligence at work for better teamwork, stress management, leadership and to better manage change and uncertainty.

This training is available in a short format of sixty to ninety minutes. Online or in-person.


This training uses Daniel Goleman’s four pillar framework for Emotional Intelligence:

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Management

  • Social Awareness

  • Relationship Management


Each pillar is explored through the lens of neuro and behaviour science and offers practical tools and exercises that help to connect learnings with specific work scenarios and situations.

Key concepts behind this training:

  • EQ has become a clear success factor for leaders and employees

  • Studies have demonstrated a clear connection between high IQ and better leadership, teamwork, performance and decision-making

  • EQ also helps to manage stress effectively and to prevent burnout

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Your trainer

I have done quite a bit in my twenty-five year career.


From leading large teams of digital designers and developers and managing a digital agency to running a corporate health accelerator and providing mental health and agile trainings to hundreds of employees, I have had the chance to explore many different aspects of work in start-ups, NGOs and companies of all sizes.


Therefore, I understand the pain points and challenges that leaders, teams and employees face. I have been there, on the receiving end of stress, burnout, uncertainty and of the demands of managing change and complexity.

After doing more and more mental health and mindset change work for my last employer (and realising that I was good at it and truly helping people with their challenges), I decided two years ago to become an independent trainer and behavioural and mental health coach practitioner.

I have given dozens of trainings, online and in-person to groups ranging from ten to four hundred people. For start-ups, digital agencies, NGOs, small and large corporations and for governmental organisations.

My topics were always around mental health, stress, EQ, change and transformation.

Feel free to check my LinkedIn profile for more information about my experience.

You can also check my youtube channel to get an impression of my speaking style.

Portrait of Coach Eric Mahleb

What are the benefits for you in working with me?

  • Fast appointments, usually in a matter of days

  • Hope. If you feel hopless at times with your situation, I will show you that there is a way out

  • A safe, empathic and trusting environment in which you can share your story and explore your challenges

  • A partner who understands you and who can relate personally to your problems and symptoms. People already start to heal when they feel heard and understood

  • An accountability coach who is there for you during the ups and downs of managing difficult life and carreer situations

  • Stress and anxiety relief through different stress management tools and techniques

  • Clarity and optimism about the next steps in your life and work



Sessions are available either in English, German or French. Online or in my praxis in Prenzlauer Berg.

For self-payers only.


Important disclaimer: I am not a doctor and these sessions can not be interpreted as a substitute for professional medical advice. Especially if your condition is severe and you need immediate professional assistance.

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What my clients say

Psychological health is a very personal topic that requires a lot of trust.

One of my key objectives when working with clients is to make sure that they feel seen, heard, and understood. 


Below are reviews from some of my clients.

Natalia H.

Thank you for your help in this difficult situation. Eric provides professional advice and helped me take the next steps and supported me when I lacked the strength. Eric knows burnout from personal experience.

Celine D.

Eric supported me during a difficult moment in my career. His experience, expertise and kindness helped me defuse a crisis. The tools offered were useful, relevant, and accessible. THANKS!

Erin M.

I am so grateful to have been able to work with Eric on some of my issues. Before I came to work with him, I was struggling with a lot of stress and burnout from work and I wasn’t really sure how to make that transition to have more peace in my life and to be able to enjoy my life more. I loved working with Eric because he really helped me open my mind and see possibilities for myself and my life that I hadn’t quite seen before on my own. Sometimes I think we really need someone from the outside, like Eric, someone empathetic and really someone who can see us more clearly and guide us through changes that we want to make.

Burnout Coach Eric Mahleb

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