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Are you too stressed?

Do you feel that you might have a burnout?
Are you in a life or career crisis?

You feel overwhelmed.
Now What?

Being in a state of crisis, high stress or in a burnout is overwhelming. And very confusing. It is easy to feel lost and alone. What can I and what should I do now? Should I see a doctor or therapist? Which kind? How long will I have to wait for an appointment? What can I do in the meantime to feel better? Can I or should I keep working? How can I see beyond my current situation?


I can help you. I offer coaching specific to stress, resilience and burnout. For corporates and for private individuals. I also provide:


  • Stability and hope

  • Empathy and understanding about your
    situation and challenges

  • Orientation and clarity about your symptoms 

  • Quick relief through different stress management tools and techniques

  • Identification of the patterns and beliefs that are behind your current situation

  • Building of a new resilient, positive and healing mindset

  • Clarity about your therapy and healing options

  • A personal stress/burnout and life/work management plan to enable the next version of yourself

Start building your resilience now.

1. Take my Burnout Test

Test your stress level and how high your risk of Burnout is

2. Book a Consultation (online or in-person)

Book a consultation with me. If you are waiting for a therapy appointment or you are unsure as to what you can do next to feel better, contact me, I can help you now

3. Check my Stress and Burnout Survival Guide

Read about stress, burnout, what you can do to feel better and about fear of change and uncertainty

4. Read my Blog

Read some of my posts about life, stress and burnout

Welcome to my stress and burnout survival guide. These are some of the questions that my clients usually ask me.

  • Stress is a natural human response of our nervous system (our entire being) that helps us to manage perceived challenges and threats in our life. Stress helps us to learn, survive and increases our physical and immune defences...

  • A burnout can be defined as a 'a state of complete emotional and physical exhaustion brought on by stress.'


    A burnout is the logical progression to chronic stress and constant nervous system over-activation...

  • Each burnout is different. Not everyone will have the same symptoms. Not everyone will stay in burnout for the same amount of time. Some recover in weeks, some in months and some in years.


    Still, there are some symptoms that tend to occur often...

  • I always tell clients or potential clients, if you feel the need to ask about it, it means that you are probably experiencing symptoms that are strong and serious enough that you need to do something and act. 

    Still, you can take my test to find out how high your risk of Burnout is.

  • First, notice and accept that things are not right and that they must change.


    Second, learn how to regulate your nervous system. Use my six pillars for regulating the nervous system to work on different aspects of your physical, mental and emotional health.


    Finally, get some help, especially if your symptoms are severe.

  • At the heart of most cases of chronic stress and/or burnout that I see in my clients is a struggle to adapt to the ever-changing nature of existence.

    Each client comes with their specific patterns and beliefs, which are connected to their childhood and life experiences.

    But behind all of these usually lies a common fear. The fear of uncertainty and of losing control.

Test your stress level and risk for Burnout 

If you are not feeling good, if you are overwhelmed, if you have troublesome symptoms, you are probably wondering if you are at risk of a burnout. Find out by taking my test.


The results will show you where you are on the 'stress and burnout' continuum, and will provide some first line suggestions for what to do.

To preserve confidentiality, we do not ask for, store and keep any personal data. If you want to keep a copy of your results, please use the PDF download tool that is available on the results page.

Also, these results are indicative only and should not be considered to be a proper substitute for professional medical advice, especially if your condition is severe.

Test your stress level and risk for Burnout 

Eric Mahleb is life and health coach with expertise in stress and burnout

Why I can help You

“Whoever travels without a guide, needs two hundred years for a two-day journey.”

- Rumi

Eric Mahleb is life and health coach with expertise in stress and burnout

I have a lot of direct experience with conditions related to life and work crisis, stress, burnout and nervous system disregulation, as a life and health coach and as a person. I have been in your shoes after experiencing two burnouts myself and facing several life and work crises. I know first-hand what chronic stress is and what the consequences can be (in my case, they were severe). And I know what it is like to want to create a new version of yourself, but feeling confused and uncertain about where and how to start.


For our sessions, I draw on different methods and approaches to get the best results for you, based on your challenges and history.


These are the methods that I use: habit change life coaching, compassionate inquiry, polyvagal theory, cognitive behaviour therapy, visualisation, Theory U, mindfulness, empathic listening, emotional freedom technique and somatic coaching. As a Buddhist, I also draw on teachings that are connected to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


Sessions are available either in English, German or French. Online or in my praxis in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.


For self-payers only.


Let me be your guide and the first step in your healing journey.

Eric is very experienced, empathetic and authentic, as well easy to connect to. He helped to uncover my triggers & limiting beliefs and provided practical tools how to deal with them. I understood where I am in terms of mental health and how to navigate through a stressful time.


Each session was very productive and I just simply enjoyed it, despite the fact we were discussing challenging for me topics. I truly believe that he can guide me through my transformation to become more happy, fulfilled and resilient person.

Joanna S.

I am so grateful to have been able to work with Eric on some of my issues. Before I came to work with him, I was struggling with a lot of stress and burnout from work and I wasn’t really sure how to make that transition to have more peace in my life and to be able to enjoy my life more.


I loved working with Eric because he really helped me open my mind and see possibilities for myself and my life that I hadn’t quite seen before on my own. Sometimes I think we really need someone from the outside, like Eric, someone empathetic and really someone who can see us more clearly and guide us through changes that we want to make.

Erin M.

I was looking for burnout counseling because I hadn't found a place for therapy. I wanted to understand and do something. I wanted to start working on myself. Then I found Eric as a coach and I'm very happy with that. I immediately feel very understood and in good hands.

I learned a lot about myself and gained some tools that I can use in the future when I experience emotional/mental stress or just get stuck in negative thoughts. For me it was a kind of tidying up, getting to know myself again, a change. I received important information about my system, which I gladly accepted, internalized and now belongs to me. Thanks for that!

Daniela H.

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