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My Approach

Working together

My approach usually consist of four to eight one-hour sessions to start with. If you are happy with the results, we can continue for another four sessions.

At that point, you can assess if you would to continue with on-going coaching.


For our sessions, I use my transformation model as a base (but not always, depending on the client), and then I draw on different methods and approaches to get the best results for you, based on your history, personality, current situation, and on your objectives.

For corporates and for private individuals.

A model for personal transformation​

My sessions combine different methods and tools. As a coach and therapist, it is important that I remain flexible and being able to adapt to your needs and to the flow of your energy in each session.

Still, I have developed a personal transformation model based on Theory U from Otto Scharmer. This model represents the eight sessions that we could spend together to achieve your goals.

This model is very useful if you are close to Burnout or in a Burnout or if you are experiencing a life or work crisis. 

If your challenge is different, then we will take some of the elements of the model as needed, but we might not need to follow this exact U process.

What is your situation?

You are doing OK.

You are functioning well, but are you wondering if you should not manage your stress and/or health a bit better so that you can stay performant, happy and healthy.

Then let us make you healthy, stress-proof and build your resilience so that you never have to get close to a burnout.


Are you close to burnout?

You are starting to feel unwell. Mild to moderate mental and physical symptoms are starting to appear and you are not managing your life or work as well as before.

Then my approach will be to help you to prevent a burnout, to recover your health and to build resilience and stability for the future.


Are you already in a burnout?

You are struggling. You have strong symptoms. You lack energy and are feeling down. The future is unclear.

Let us then focus on helping you manage your burnout, heal and find your strength, optimism and vitality again.


Are you in a life crisis and wondering if things can/should continue in the same way?

Perhaps you are thinking about changing job or career, but the uncertainty of change, and perhaps a lack of energy and motivation, are keeping you from moving forward.

I can help you understand your obstacles and deal with your fear of change. Together we can build the next version of yourself so that you can recover clarity and a sense of purpose.

Think you might have a Burnout?

What will we do?

  • Learning emotional intelligence to manage stress, conflict and working with others better

  • Sharing of your life story and challenges

  • Visualisation of the future you

  • Identification of work and life triggers

  • Identification of emotions, negative thought patterns and beliefs that are responsible for your current situation

  • Learning how to better manage emotions, beliefs and thought processes

  • Learning valuable and concrete information about burnout prevention and recovery, stress management, nervous system regulation and life crisis management

  • Learning key tools and methods to manage stress and life/work crisis

  • Building of resilience and of a positive stress mindset

  • Creation of a personal stress/burnout and life/work plan to enable the next version of yourself

How will we do it?

These are some of the methods that I use, depending on your needs and situation:

  • Theory U from Otto Scharmer as a base for my transformation model

  • The positive stress method, which I developed

  • Habit change life coaching from the Health Coach Institute

  • Emotional intelligence framework from Daniel Goldman

  • Compassionate inquiry from Gabor Maté

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy

  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction from Jon Kabat-Zinn

  • Emotional freedom technique

  • As a Buddhist, I also draw on teachings that are strongly connected to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

What are the benefits for you in working with me?

  • Fast appointments, usually in a matter of days

  • Hope. If you feel hopless at times with your situation, I will show you that there is a way out

  • A safe, empathic and trusting environment in which you can share your story and explore your challenges

  • A partner who understands you and who can relate personally to your problems and symptoms. People already start to heal when they feel heard and understood

  • An accountability coach who is there for you during the ups and downs of managing difficult life and carreer situations

  • Stress and anxiety relief through different stress management tools and techniques

  • Clarity and optimism about the next steps in your life and work



Sessions are available either in English, German or French. Online or in my praxis in Prenzlauer Berg.

For self-payers only.


Important disclaimer: I am not a doctor and these sessions can not be interpreted as a substitute for professional medical advice. Especially if your condition is severe and you need immediate professional assistance.

Burnout Coach Eric Mahleb

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